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Jacob Dolinger - The Case for Closing the UN: International Human Rights: A Study in Hypocrisy - 22/12/2016 -

The Case for Closing the UN: International Human Rights: A Study in Hypocrisy
Jacob Dolinger
Gefen Publishing House

Il libro è disponibile su Amazon al link:

Genocide has been an ongoing catastrophic reality of the past hundred years. Terrorism has intensified tremendously in the last fifty years. Despite a huge collection of treaties, conventions, declarations, and hyperbolic resolutions, practically nothing has been done to save the many millions of lives that were sacrificed on the altar of barbarity. And the complicity of the West has guaranteed the impunity of the mass murderers of the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries. In this masterful book, Professor Dolinger presents a scathing indictment of the United Nations. Debating with scholars of international law, Dolinger discredits and demoralizes the UN. Writing clearly and convincingly, Dolinger delivers a message that will be meaningful to people of all walks of life: Let us close the UN and create a serious, authentic world organization that will respect human dignity and defend the human rights of all peoples, of all nations.

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