lunedi` 23 gennaio 2017
I numeri telefonici delle redazioni
dei principali telegiornali italiani.
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I ragazzi che difendono Israele
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La verità sui confini del '48 (sottotitoli in italiano)
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Il fallimento della Croce Rossa su Gilad Shalit 03/12/2008
l'analisi di
Red Cross Disappoints On Gilad Shalit

Gilad Shalit is held hostage by Hamas for more than two years

Hamas has not allowed any access to Shalit by the Red Cross, or anyone else

Even Nazi Germany accepted visits of the Red Cross delegates to the concentration camps

"The International Red Cross should be more active and persuasive in getting a visit with abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit" - that's the view of Noam, the father of corporal Shalit who was captured over two years ago by Palestinian terrorists from the Gaza Strip. Since then, in total violation of international law, the Palestinians had not allowed the Red Cross to pay even one visit to Gilad to testify to his treatment and condition. Today Israeli protesters gathered outside an Israeli prison where Red Cross Representatives once again visited captured Palestinian prisoners.


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